Translations I

Translations is shaped by observations and experiences of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Taking from theories of Psychogeography which question how different places make us feel, the quiet details and everyday compositions of urban spaces are recorded as starting points for material investigations. Collecting ephemera and raw materials such as palm leaves, sand, mops and menus directly from these environments, as well as recording observations through photography and drawing provide integral research in to the materiality of these places.

Choices in materials and processes are made as a direct response to this visual research. Translations is a simple yet refined combination of screen printed, dyed and hand woven elements alongside hard surfaces made with clay, plaster and jesmonite. Creating surfaces that are gestural and layered which show signs of the maker’s hand, they become inspiration points and material palettes for interior and spatial contexts. By deconstructing and then reconstructing both tangible and intangible experiences through making, Translations ultimately seeks to evoke a sense of place, offering alternative readings of tradition, craft and non-Western culture through a celebration of tactility and colour.